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  • ArcelorMittal Sosnowiec

ArcelorMittal Sosnowiec plant consists of a modern wire rod mill and a profiled rod production line.

Billets sourced from the integrated plant in Dąbrowa Gornicza are subject of advanced metallurgical rooting including a ladle furnace, vacuum degassing and a continuous caster (modernised in 2013).

Sosnowiec is a leading supplier of high quality wire rod to worldwide market and has the knowledge and expertise to produce wire rod for demanding applications.

With its strong position in carbon grades including prestressed concrete, welding and cold heading quality, the site develops grades for the most demanding applications in the automotive industry.


  • Upstream: Dąbrowa
    Coke oven
    Sintering plant
    Blast furnace
  • Steel plant: Dąbrowa
    Oxygen converter
    Ladle furnace
    RH degassing
  • Wire rod rolling mill: Sosnowiec 
    High speed 2-strand SMS (Morgan)/Danieli WR (2006)
    110 m long cooling conveyor


Casted semis

  • Billets (mm):  190 x 220; 300 x 280; 400 x 280;
    length (m): 4.2 - 12
  • Billets (mm2):  130; 140; 160;  length (m): 7 - 13.5


Finished products

  • Wire rod (mm):  5.5 - 21



Contact Information

ArcelorMittal Poland Sosnowiec
Ul. Niwecka 1
P- 41-200 Sosnowiec

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