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  • IWD 2017

ArcelorMittal sponsors International Workshop on Drawing

ArcelorMittal sponsored the next International Workshop on Drawing organised by the Association Italiana di Metallurgia between 30 November and 1 December 2017. The event was held in Italy, at the University of Bergamo with 100-150 expected participants, including Italian customers and metallurgists.

This international conference aims at sharing the knowledge in the manufacturing processes of drawn products, design, optimisation and control of product. In the session dedicated to Metallurgy and Applications, ArcelorMittal Europe – Long Products Central Marketing team gave a lecture on “ArcelorMittal Europe – Long Products Advanced High Strength Steels for Automotive Applications” focusing on the potential of bainite in cold drawing.

ArcelorMittal produces a large range of wire rod and bar grades dedicated to Mechanical engineering, automotive, energy or construction applications. These parts are produced through a complex manufacturing process in which cold drawing operation is quite often used: it is a fundamental step for the production of high quality products featured by good surface and reliable performances.

The thermo-mechanical cycle involving cold drawing aims to obtain smooth surfaces, hardened steels or alloys, good machinability, strict control of the geometric tolerances and of the microstructural features, such as the grain size.

Contacts: Marco Cuccadu, Marie-Therese Perrot-Simonetta


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