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  • ArcelorMittal Gandrange

ArcelorMittal Gandrange plant is located in the Lorraine region in north-east France.

The production facilities of Gandrange consist of a hot rolling mill producing bars and wire rod (round and hexagon) in a wide range of grades and dimensions.

This combined mill also has a state-of-the-art sizing block and a new integrated bar conditioning line with surface and ultrasonic testing.

Strongly positioned in the field of bar and wire rod products, the site works to develop new applications and new products for the automotive, energy and mechanical industries (forging, cold heading, bright drawing…).

The site has high flexibility in steel input with semis provided by Duisburg, Hamburg, Veriña and Warsaw.



  • Bar & wire rod rolling mill:
    Furnace with tight temperature control
    Sizing block
    On-line dimensional control
    On-line surface control
    Garrett coiling for wire rod
  • Inspection line for bars:
    Multi-roll straightener
    Sawing and chamfering devices (45°or 60° from 0.2 to 4mm)
    Surface control (Circoflux)
    Ultrasonic control device
  • Wire rod processing (annealing, pickling, phosphating) upon request


Finished products

  • Wire rod (mm):  15 - 52 (steps of 0.1 mm)
                             14.3 - 42.5 (hexagons)
  • Bars (mm):  15 - 100 (steps of 0.1 mm)
                       14.3 -70.4 (hexagons) 



Contact Information

ArcelorMittal Gandrange
Boîte postale 3
F-57360 Amnéville

Website ArcelorMittal France