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Steel welding grades are developed to guarantee coherent chemical and mechanical properties between the welded joint and the base metal.

The grade analysis is a determining factor, especially

  1. in obtaining the required mechanical properties: carbon, manganese and alloying elements such as vanadium or niobium;
  2. for toughness or corrosion resistance: nickel, chromium or molybdenum;
  3. depending on the welding process and on protection used (shielding gas or flux): carbon, silicon, aluminium or titanium to limit the risk of welded joint oxidation;
  4. residual content such as copper, chromium and tin are tightly controlled to avoid cracks, as are phosphorus, sulphur and hydrogen;
  5. special processes have been developed to achieve 
           a. ultra-low levels of residuals such as lead, bismuth
           b. alloyed grades with up to 9% chromium, nickel, molybdenum…

All these metallurgical considerations explain the diversity of grades available for welding and which can only be partially covered by international standards.

Key properties

Grade analysis
Mechanical properties prior drawing by controlled cooling

SG1ISO 14341Shielded arc welding0.06-0.100.50-0.701.00-1.300.0150.0150.
SG2ISO 14341Shielded arc welding0.06-0.090.80-0.901.40-1.500.0150.0150.
SG3ISO 14341Shielded arc welding0.06-0.090.85-1.001.60-1.700.0150.0150.
S1ISO 14171Stick electrode0.05-0.15max. 0.150.35-0.60max. 0.025max. 0.025max. 0.10max. 0.10max. 0.05max. 0.10
S2ISO 14171Submerged arc welding0.07-0.15max. 0.150.80-1.300.0250.0250.
S3SiISO 14171Submerged arc welding0.07-0.150.15-0.401.20-1.850.0250.0250.
S2MoISO 14171Submerged arc welding0.07-0.150.05-0.250.95-1.200.0250.0250.100.100.45-0.650.10
S3MoISO 14171Submerged arc welding0.07-0.150.05-0.251.20-1.750.0250.0250.100.100.45-0.650.10


CrMo5ISO 245980.120.250.90-6.00--0.65--
Mn4Ni2CrMoISO 168340.120.801.80-0.502.50-0.50--
G2Ni2ISO 143410.080.801.40--2.70----
CrMo25iISO 219520.070.501.00-2.50--1.00--
SUNCC3ISO 141710.100.301.000.500.500.750----
2C1MWISO 245980.1200.1200.80-2.60-0.301.000.022-
CrMo91ISO 245980.1200.601.00-9.000.5000.201.000.0650.045

ArcelorMittal helps Warsaw grow

To contribute to the expansion of Warsaw underground, ArcelorMittal Europe – Long Products supplied more than 20,000 tonnes of rebars.

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