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Highly reliable, Whisper® is a new breed of ropeway rope that reduces vibration and noise levels, optimising passenger comfort.

The outer circumference of Whisper® offers a smooth interface between the rope and sheaves, clamps and rollers.


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  • Compacted strand.
  • Wire class compositions from 1770 to 2160 MPa.
  • Splice
  • Pitch length remains unchanged.
  • With CE certification, the Whisper® splice is specially developed to optimise its lifespan.
  • The double-butted strands provide a lifespan that extends far beyond a standard splice.
  • Controlling the inner-strand space reduces the contact forces between wires.
  • Diameter: 30.5 – 64mm
  • MBL: 1175 – 1962kN


  • Suitable for track/hauling ropes.
  • The core fins fill the inter strand spaces to improve comfort of use and operation.
  • Enhanced resistance and lifespan due to compacted strand (lifetime of spliced loop 30% longer than a standard cable).
  • Adapts to your existing systems.
  • Significant reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Bandage wear less on a conventional cable.
  • Whisper® is recommended for use on intensive use equipment that operates 24/7, especially for urban or mountain region rope transport systems.
  • Significant reduction of noise.

Whisper® 6x26WSR

Whisper 6x26WSR

Whisper® 6x31WSR

Whisper 6x31WSR

Whisper® 6x36WSR

Whisper 6x36WSR
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Detachable Chairlift applications Gondola 2S/3S applications Gondola applications Funitel applications Cable Car applications Material Cable Car applications Funicular applications

For more details see our Rope Application Guide.



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