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KNOW-HOW: we have it

"Recording our working methods and production processes is part of our commitment to continuously improving our services and products. It helps us to improve, share best practise with our colleagues, mitigate risk and ensure consistently high production standards. It’s all about giving our customers the best possible product and service." Nicolas Hocquaux Project Manager

"Practical problem-solving and lean manufacturing techniques play a fundamental part in the efficiency of our operations here at ArcelorMittal Ropes. My work with mooring ropes, both at the conceptual design stage and technical support stages during installation is focussed on the delivery of outstanding quality standards and strict adherence to safety performance."  Frederic Benoit Technical Manager

Why choose ArcelorMittal ROPES?

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            Single sheathed                        Double sheathed


Vertical integration. Full traceability. Unparalleled value.


Technical expertise and support for the long term