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  • Installation and repair services

Installation and repair services

ArcelorMittal Bourg-en-Bresse has a deep cooperation with TEC Câbles Bourg. They ensure all implementation work, repair and maintenance of wire ropes all over the world.

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TEC Câbles Bourg aims to develop specialised services for all customers based on its high reactivity, quality of service and ability to adapt to the market and all technological new developments.

TEC Câbles Bourg uses its know-how for:

  • Splicing and shortening cables.
  • Stringing and changing cables.
  • Cable rigging: sliding, raising carrying cables, taking up slack, etc.
  • Socketing.
  • All other cable operations: strands and/or sections replacement, repairs, etc.
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Our partner TEC Câbles maintains a team of highly qualified engineers and splicers dedicated to installing ropes, enabling us to provide a total solution.

Please contact us for further information on section replacements, repairs, etc.


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