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  • Ropeway ropes

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Ropeway ropes

High performance Ropeway ropes for the most demanding environments

The transportation of passengers through urban and mountainous environments, and the movement of industrial materials by arial ropeways, requires high performing ropeway ropes that are engineered and manufactured to stand up to extreme weather conditions and continuous use.

ArcelorMittal Ropeway Ropes are designed and built to perform to the highest standards and to exceed our customers expectations.

Our technical expertise provides our customers with exceptional value.


our Ropeway Brochure, Data Sheets or Technical Information here >


Which rope? Which application?

Different ropeway applications require a rope that will meet the exceptionally demanding requirements for safety, reliability, passenger comfort, longevity and, of course, value for money.

The ArcelorMittal Ropeway Ropes team are experts in their field, producing many thousands of kilometres of premium quality steel rope each year and providing technical advice to their worldwide customer base.

Use our ‘Rope Application Guide’ guide to select the correct ropes for your applications and ensure that you maximise safety and operational performance.

Rope Application
Guide here >



Our Ropeway ropes

6 Strands

6 Strands

6 strand ropes from ArcelorMittal ROPES offer superior strength, stretch resistance and resistance to bending fatigue. View details >



A new breed of ropeway rope that reduces vibration and noise levels, optimising passenger comfort. View details >

Full Lock Coil

Full Lock Coil

Full Lock Coil track rope is precision engineered for the highly demanding applications of aerial and passenger transportation. View details >

Full Lock Coil with Fibre Optics

Full Lock Coil with Fibre Optics

Full Lock Coil track rope is precision engineered for the highly demanding applications of aerial and passenger transportation. View details >



High performance 8 strand ropes for slope groomers featuring plastic impregnation with flexibility and high breaking loads. View details >


Case study

Whistler, British Columbia

6 strand ropes for Whistler, British Columbia

Located in the spectacular Coast Mountains of British Columbia just north of Vancouver, Whistler is Canada’s favourite year-round ski resort. There are two majestic mountains, epic skiing and snowboarding as well as many other recreational opportunities that are centred around the vibrant village of Whistler.

Skiing and snowboarding are an integral part of life in British Columbia with holidays and weekends spent on the mountains enjoying favourite runs. Thirteen world-class resorts, boundless backcountry, and incredible snowfalls combine to make British Columbia one of North America’s most popular ski and snowboard hubs.

2,500m of 45mm, 3,750m of 47mm and 8,500m of 56mm WS36 ropes are used as hauling ropes in the Whistler resort. WS36 delivers an exceptionally high breaking load that is engineered for high resistance to stretching, bending and crushing.

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