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  • Solid core technology

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Solid core technology

Acknowledged as an innovation in its field, ArcelorMittal’s Solid Core Technology is both a technical and a commercial triumph. Thousands of ropes in use in all parts of the world testify to the technology’s unrivalled performance:

  • Extreme accuracy of geometric characteristics
  • Meticulous elaboration of high-resistance wires
  • Know-how of our rope experts

The best guarantee of stability and smooth operation is ensured by the perfect assembly of the rope’s components on our compact core.


Rope performance

Extreme safety

In contrast to ropes assembled on multiwire cores, the use of the compact monowire core provides optimum stability concerning the contact of the rope with such organs as vehicle attachments, rollers and transmission sheaves and pulleys.

Maximum comfort

The compact monowire core, plus a unique roping manufacturing technique (the only one of its kind in the world) guarantees perfect control and regularity of the rope and straightness.

Exceptional stability

The assembly technique and the choice of material for the monowire core provide the best possible guarantee that the original rope geometry is kept during the whole rope life; smallest variations in rope diameter and length in service.

Longer life span

The exceptional qualities of the compact core technology provide an extremely long service life; no contact between adjacent strands, even at the end of the service life,this allows to take profit of the maximum fatigue life potential of the individual steel wires.

Reduced maintenance

  • Shortening operations eliminated or reduced.
  • Consistent efficiency of attachments.