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  • Mining ropes

    Mining ropes

High performance Mining Ropes for the most demanding environments

Our steel wire ropes are widely used in deep shaft mining and aerial transportation.

When selecting a rope, several factors must be considered such as your requirements for strength, fatigue and abrasion resistance, crushing resistance, resistance to rotation and the operating conditions and physical environment. The kind of machinery you are using is, of course, a key consideration.

All our wire ropes have been engineered with safety, strength and longevity in mind. Using the right rope for your application will maximise operational performance and enhance productivity.

Click below to see our extensive range of mining ropes:

Our solutions


  • Diameters from 30 to 70 mm
  • Notorplast head ropes are able to provide a very high performance and service life, even in the case of very difficult hoists, notably with high payloads and speed, fleet angles, or high dynamic effects. It is also very easy to install thanks to its non-rotating properties, very steady when hoisting and very easy to maintain. Notorplast ropes are a powerful tool to increase your shaft productivity. They can be used on new installations as well as replacement products to full locked coils or flattened strand ropes


  • Diameters from 30 to 64 mm
  • NRHD 24 CS (Compacted Strands) is specially adapted for the requirements of high speed multi-layer drum hoisting. The compacting reduces the contact pressures with the drum and sheaves as well as the internal pressure inside the rope. It is easy to install thanks to its non-rotating properties, very steady when hoisting and very easy to maintain
  • NRHD 24 head or sinking ropes, round wires, or compacted strands, ensure both heavy duty service and high safety on drum hoists

Guide ropes for mining shafts

  • Diameters from 29 to 51 mm
  • Half-lock coil guide ropes with high quality of assembly can be manufactured with bright, galvanised or Corzal® wires, for a versatile solution to your particular shaft conditions
  • Thanks to the final galvanisation or Corzal® coatings, we are able to propose an effective solution against corrosion allied with a high quality of assembly