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  • Select the right rope

    Select the right rope

  • Take into account the recommendations user's manual of the crane manufacturer
  • Take into account applicable standards and regulations
  • Indicate the fonction of the rope e.g. main hoist, boom hoist, necessity of a rotation resistant rope or not
  • Give the rope manufacturer a sketch of the installation including the number of falls, D/d ratios, fleet angles, groove sizes, pitch of lay of grooved drums and corresponding tolerances, specifically in the case of multiple layer coiling systems
  • Mention the required MBL, diameter, weight per meter and applicable tolerances
  • Indicate rope working environment (e.g. environment temperature, corrosive atmosphere)

These guidelines are only informative and cannot engage the responsability of ArcelorMittal Bourg-en-Bresse.

For any further information and proper advice please contact us.