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Made in France

ArcelorMittal Bourg-en-Bresse has been manufacturing for years innovative products dedicated to many different types of rope systems e.g the solid compact core for rope transport systems, which are still reference products. Most of these products rely on the association between steel and other non metallic materials, in order to get the right material at the right place through a reliable process.

We are happy to present you the latest results of our research, design and manufacturing teams:

Whisper®, the silent rope

  • Reduced noise and vibrations are the target for the new Whisper® silent rope, allowing for more comfort, and an optimized reliability of rope transport systems. Thanks to its outer surface, as close as possible from a cylindrical shape, Whisper® offers a smooth interface with your installation, including the most powerful ones, allied with the extremely low stretch the ArcelorMittal solid compact core is known for.
  • The use of compacted strands also allows to propose Whisper® ropes as replacement ropes for existing installations, with a rope diameter very close to the one of the original rope.
  • Whisper® is also fit for use on people mover systems offering low level of noise and vibrations at a competitive cost.

FLC track ropes with optical fibres for data transmission

  • Using a know-how acquired long ago on special projects, ArcelorMittal Bourg-en-Bresse now offers Full Lock Coils (FLC) track ropes which associating their machnical function with the one of transmitting data, by inclusion of one or several tubes containing optical fibres.
  • Our technical and commercial teams are available to discuss the detail of your corresponding projects.