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  • Notor HP Plast

    Notor HP Plast

Regular or Lang lay

Rotation resistant hoist rope for high rise lifting

Same non-rotating properties as Notor HP. The advantages due to plastic core impregnation are:

  • Plastic impregnation of the interface between outer strands and inner core strands improves the rope behaviour in case of heavy duty applications (load/fleet angles/repetitive lifting cycles)
  • All the rope components work homogeneously
  • Long life protection of the inner lubrication
  • Excellent performance on multiple layer coiling system and capstan winches
  • The plastic impregnation combined with the outer compacted Lang lay strands results in a very high resistance to contact pressure
  • The range of diameters including plastic goes from 16 to 125 mm
  • MBL values have to be decreased by 2% compared to Notor HP
  • The tolerance on diameter is 0;+5%


  • We recommend Notor HP Plast for high rise heavy duty and intensive use. The plastic impregnation improves the rope behaviour in case of fleet angles and repetitive lifting cycles.


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