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ArcelorMittal Warszawa plant is located at the northern edge of Warsaw.

The production site of Warsaw consists of an electric arc furnace, a ladle furnace, vacuum degassing, an ingot caster, a continuous caster, a bar mill and finishing lines.



  • Steel plant: 
    Electric arc furnace with eccentric bottom tapping
    Ladle furnace
    Vacuum degassing
    4-strand billet caster
  • Rolling mill: 
    18 stands in continuous system roll line
  • Finishing line:
    Straightening machines
    Milling and chamfering devices
    Surface control (Circograph, circoflux)
    Ultrasonic control device
    Antimixing control - spectrotest devices
    Packaging, marking
  • Bar processing: 
    Heat treatment: soft annealing, normalising, isothermal, spheroidising and stress revealing treatments, quenching and tempering

Casted Semies

  • Blooms (mm2): ■ 220;  length (m): 4 - 9
  • Billets (mm2): ■ 140; 160;  length (m): 4 - 14.8

Finished Products

  • Bars (mm): ● 20 - 80
  • Rebars (mm): ● 10 - 40
  • Krybar (mm): ● 12 - 32



ArcelorMittal Warszawa
Ul. Kasprowicza 132
P-01-949 Warsaw

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