Hinge joint field fence manufactured with Dragon Optimum wire which lasts at least five times longer than a heavily galvanised equivalent.

  • Triple coating of zinc, aluminium and our green anti-corrosion barrier giving enhanced protection.
  • A conventional hinge joint field fence manufactured to BS EN 10223-5.
  • Designed for ease of pull up when erecting.
  • Suitable for the permanent fencing of livestock – sheep, cattle, pigs etc.
  • A centreless core to provide a snag free, easily rolled out fence where all of the roll can be used.
  • A deep crimp between the verticals to aid tensioning over uneven ground, elasticity against livestock and different weather conditions and to allow rainwater to drain away from the joint.
Designation Height Vertical Spacing Length Nominal Weight Rolls/pallet
HT8 80 15

HT8 80 15

800mm 150mm 100/300m 60kg 12
HT8 80 22

HT8 80 22

800mm 225mm 100/300m 50/150kg 16/5
HT8 80 30

HT8 80 30

800mm 300mm 100/300m 46/138kg 16/5
HT5 53 53

HT5 53 53

535mm 150mm 100m 37kg 12

Other patterns, sizes and lengths can be made on request.

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Product Highlights



Top & bottom wires Ø 2.50 mm Min 1050 N/mm2

  • Horizontal wires Ø 2.50 mm
    Min 1050 N/mm2
  • Vertical wires Ø 2.50 mm
    Min 600 N/mm2

Coating Technology


Dragon Optimum lasts at least 5 times longer than heavily galvanised wire BS EN 10244-2 Class A.

Roll Length

Up to 100m

Centreless core providing snag free, easily to roll out fence where all of the roll can be used.

Suitable for the following applications:

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