A staple's a staple, right?

Posted on 10 March 2020 | Author: Sarah Brown

No, not quite…did you know our staples are made from even better wire than our 2Life® fencing?

Most staples available on the market are made from zinc only galvanised wire.  Our staples are made from 4Life®, a wire that is galvanised with an alloy of zinc and aluminium.  The addition of aluminium to the galvanising gives it extra corrosion resistance and guarantees that the staple will last at least 4 times as long as a staple heavily galvanised to EN10244-2 Class A equivalent.

If you’re putting up a fence using a quality post and quality wire, it makes sense to finish the job with quality staples too.  Our staples are available in a variety of sizes and come in choices of 20kg, 10kg and 5kg tubs. 

Our 40mm barbed staples are particularly popular.  With a prominent barb, these staples get that extra grip providing better resistance to pull out from livestock strain, terrain strain, drying and cracking posts etc.

At LAMMA 17 we had a visitor to our stand discussing his problems of finding a good quality staple.  We gave him a tub of our staples to try and armed him with the details of his nearest local retailer where he could buy from if he liked them.  Guess what?  He liked them and is now a regular customer for our retailer!

Have you never tried our staples before?  What are you waiting for, give us a call and arrange a trial, you won’t be disappointed!