Plain wire coils manufactured from 2Life® wire which lasts at least two times longer than heavily galvanised wire.

  • Can be used to increase the height of a fence, straining wire for posts or in electrical fencing applications.
  • Available in a wide choice of diameters to best suit the application, and also in different coil weights (25, 10 and 5 kg).
Type Tensile Strength of line wire Diameter Weight Approx Length
Mild Steel Min 650N/mm2 4.00mm 25kg 250m
Mild Steel Min 600N/mm2 3.15mm 25kg 410m
Mild Steel Min 600N/mm2 2.50mm 25kg 650m
Mild Steel Min 700N/mm2 2.00mm 25kg 1020m
High Tensile Min 1050N/mm2 3.15mm 25kg 410m
High Tensile Min 1050N/mm2 2.50mm 25kg 650m
High Tensile Min 1050N/mm2 2.00mm 25kg 1020m

Other patterns, sizes and lengths can be made on request.

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2Life® lasts at least 2 times longer than heavily galvanised wire BS EN 10244-2 Class A.

Suitable for the following applications:

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