The longest lasting green fencing, guaranteed!

Posted on 29 March 2019 | Author: Sarah Brown

A unique selling point of ArcelorMittal’s EstateWIRE range of fencing is the 2Life® long life technology wire they use as standard in their products. 

Instead of a traditional zinc only coating, 2Life® is coated with zinc and aluminium.  The addition of aluminium slows down the sacrificial reaction of zinc with the environment and guarantees a lifespan at least twice as long as that of zinc only, heavily galvanised products.

Until now, EstateWIRE Dragon products have used the same 2Life® technology as the rest of the EstateWIRE range but ArcelorMittal have now taken their long life technology one step further on Dragon. 

Dragon now benefits from ArcelorMittal’s Optimum wire product which guarantees a lifespan at least five times longer than zinc only, heavily galvanised products.

“Our Dragon range was already a superior product to other green fencing products available in the market but we want to give our customers a unique product that gives them a differentiating factor over our competitors” explained CEO, Tony Hinchliffe.  “Our customers now have to access to the undisputed longest lasting green fencing and the great thing is, there’s no premium on price for it compared to other green products”. 

The addition of magnesium to the coating blend of zinc and aluminium is what gives ArcelorMittal’s Optimum wire the extended five times lifespan guarantee. The excellent lifespan of Optimum wire means it is particularly useful in areas where high corrosion occurs, (coastal areas, road sides, motorways) or remote/sensitive locations where access is difficult or restricted.

“Being part of the world’s largest steel company gives us access to a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise which allows us to innovate, bringing our customers new solutions which is so important in today’s competitive environment” concluded Tony.