Has your green fencing got the OPTIMUM advantage?

Posted on 28 June 2019 | Author: Sarah Brown

ArcelorMittal Sheffield’s Estate®WIRE Dragon fencing range, described as the longest lasting green fencing on the market, is now backed up with their 30 year guarantee.

Made with ArcelorMittal’s unique Optimum wire which is then coated with a green polymer, Estate®WIRE Dragon offers corrosion resistance which is unrivalled in the market place.

“Our Optimum wire is galvanised with a blend of 3 elements; 1 zinc; 2 aluminium; and 3 magnesium” explained CEO Tony Hinchliffe.

When aluminium is added to a zinc coating, the way these elements interact with each other doubles the corrosion resistance possible for just a zinc only coating.  When magnesium is then added to the mix, it changes the interaction again between the elements and creates a coating that resists corrosion 5 times longer than just a zinc only coating.

“After galvanising in this way, we then apply the green polymer coating to the Optimum wire which offers some further corrosion protection but it really is all about what is underneath the green coating that gives Dragon and our customers that special advantage” commented Tony.

The Optimum coating on EstateWIRE Dragon is allowing ArcelorMittal Sheffield to confidently and boldy offer a 30 year guarantee against rust and corrosion. 

“All other green products available in the market place are only using a zinc only galvanised base wire” Tony commented. 

EstateWIRE Dragon has a 5 times longer lifespan than those products in terms of corrosion resistance and is backed up with an easy to understand business and consumer 30 year product guarantee. 

“And the real cherry on top of the cake is that this is available with no premium on price compared to other green products and it’s made in Sheffield, by the largest steel company in the world!” Tony concluded.