ArcelorMittal expand with new warehouse

Posted on 30 January 2019 | Author: Sarah Brown

Manufacturer of the EstateWIRE brand, ArcelorMittal Sheffield, are starting the year as they mean to go on having just made operational a new warehousing facility.

This new facility is adjacent to their production and existing warehousing site and provides an additional 2000sqm of finished goods storage space.

“The expansion of our site is great news for us” commented CEO Tony Hinchliffe.  “Anyone who has even been to our site will tell you that we already run a very efficient site and maximise every square metre of space we have, but over the last few years as we have seen our EstateWIRE brand loyalty and sales increase, this has become increasingly more difficult”.

ArcelorMittal already have the reputation as a quality supplier in the market place, but they now intend to take this to the next level in their quest to excel their World Class Manufacturing standards.

When ArcelorMittal talk about exceling in World Class Manufacturing, they don’t just mean producing better products, they mean improving the whole of their supply chain system, having a well defined continuous improvement plan, understanding and improving plant performance, ensuring customer, employee and stakeholder needs are being met, and ensuring a positive momentum on strategy that engages their team to drive their business forward.

From a sales point of view, the extra warehousing space also means ArcelorMittal can expand their product range.  Being part of the steel giant that is ArcelorMittal, the Sheffield site have a number of interesting fencing products at their disposal that are made within Group.

“We have always been interested in adding Group products into our offering” commented Shaun Gervis, Head of Sales, “but with very inch of site space being used for our own manufactured products, we have never been in a position to seriously take that forward”.

This can of course all change now with space specifically dedicated to Group products now allocated.  This means a range of welded mesh, fencing accessories, fixed knot and even vineyard products can be added to the range.

“The future is certainly bright for ArcelorMittal and the EstateWIRE brand” remarked Tony, “we’re clearly going to be very busy, but busy for the right reasons, busy moving the business forward and ensuring we have a sustainable future for our customers and our employees”.

At the same time as increasing warehouse space, the team has also been expanded with the addition of 4 new production operators.  “Expanding the team to ensure we are able to maximise production output, and keep up with demand during the busy seasonal times was vital” explained Tony, “we’re known for providing excellent product quality and excellent service and cannot afford to let this slip as we grow, it’s the foundation on which we are built and is too important to damage”.