What it means to be 'ProFencer approved'

Posted on 22 April 2017 | Author: Sarah Brown

ArcelorMittal has long admired the great improvements the ProFencer has made to a contractor’s working day and many of our end users sing the machine’s praises. So we are very proud to have now achieved ‘ProFencer Approved’ accreditation for our full range of EstateWIRE products.

With many contractors now preferring to use large rolls of up to 300m, the ProFencer has really become a commonplace sight in the fencing world. As a unique unrolling, laying and tensioning machine, ProFencer operates to its optimum ability when it is working with the best quality fencing. The better the fencing, the faster the fence goes up, even in the most challenging of conditions.

For ArcelorMittal, this accolade means a great deal. It means our customers, who are specialist retailers all around the country, can readily recommend EstateWIRE to farmers, landowners and fencing contractors who they know use ProFencer. It also sees the leading brand of British made wire fencing closely allied to another great fencing product. A perfect match.