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Industrial flooring solutions

A correctly designed and constructed durable floor is the basics required in order to produce a functional and serviceable floor in today’s industrial buildings. The correct choice of steel fibre and relevant specifications for floor slabs is of vital importance. Sub-standard floor slabs can result in very costly remedial processes and potentially expensive disruption of the client’s business.

ArcelorMittal’s long history of expertise in the field of steel fibre reinforced flooring applications enables us to propose to each customer the flooring solution which provides the most benefits.

TAB-Floor™, industrial slabs on grade without saw-cut joints

  • TAB-Floor™ is a jointless industrial floor technique which allows single bays of up to 2,500 m². Saw cut joints are not required. High quality steel joint profiles that provide durable shear transfer can be installed at distances of up to 50 m.

TAB-Fiber™, industrial slabs on grade with saw-cut joints

  • TAB-Fiber™ is a ground bearing slab commonly used in industrial and commercial buildings or warehouses. Sawn joints are cut into the top of the slab to help control shrinkage cracking. 

TAB-Structural™, industrial slabs on piles

  • TAB-Structural™ floors are used in areas with poor soil conditions such as sandy soil, non-bearing or spoiled soils, where a pile supported slab solution is usually the best and most economic solution as well as in case of non-uniform soil conditions, which could lead to important differential settlements. In these cases ArcelorMittal can offer the TAB-Structural™ concept.