ArcelorMittal chain link in major wildlife re-location project

Posted on 14 December 2016 | Author: Sarah Brown

Almost 15,000sqm of chain link produced at our Sheffield plant was recently specified to help re-claim a former industrial site that had become over run with wildlife. The 2.5 acre site, covered with soft fly ash ground, was the perfect home for an array of wildlife but unfortunately for them, the site owners had other ideas in mind for the land!

The aim of the project was to safely move the wildlife to another, purpose built area in the most cost effective way. The area was completely covered with chain link to prevent the wildlife from digging their way back into their homes and discourage them away from the area.

“We have used fencing manufactured specifically for wildlife previously but it wasn’t without its problems” commented Robin Cope, Managing Director of NY Construction Ltd. “This time, the ecologist working on this project recommended and specified that chain link was a more appropriate product to use for this job”.  

Working closely with Corden Hardware, our local retailer for this product, the customer’s exact specifications were worked out.  Deliveries were direct to site with specialist hi-ab equipment saving both time and money for all parties concerned.

“Chainlink is a very versatile product” commented Dan Wilmot, Sales Manager of Corden Hardware, “it has many more uses than the traditional fencing everyone thinks of. The flexibility of the chain link makes it a great product to work with and perfect for this application”.