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Heavy steel fence with Crapal® Optimum coating

Thanks to the successful collaboration between ArcelorMittal and SNCF Reseau, a unique and innovative security solution has been developed. 


  • The fewer number of posts required compared to panel system saving steel weight, cost and time.
  • Reduced installation time due to the rapid unrolling of the 50m to 75m roll lengths allowing better budget management of installations.
  • Impact-resistant – its reduced mesh size prevents climbing.
  • Excellent anti-vandalism and anti-theft characteristics due to the robust properties of the mesh.
  • High resistance to shocks and pressure (humans, animals).
  • Optimal support and perfect line maintained even under pressure.
  • Highly adaptable across diverse terrains due to the versatile layout configurations.


  • Ø Selvedge wire: 3.8mm TS 400-550N/mm2
  • Ø Line wire: 3.8mm TS 400-550N/mm2
  • Ø Stay wire: 3.8mm TS 400-550N/mm2


  • Economic
  • New
  • Deterrent
  • Universal
  • Resistant
  • Alternative