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  • Sologne®4R for wild boars

    Sologne®4R for wild boars


Heavy welded fence with CrapalOptimum® coating

The solution against the passing of wild boars

  • Heavy welded fence designed to contain wild boars: pens, hunting and protection against damages
  • Exceptional longevity thanks to the CrapalOptimum® coating made of an alloy of Zinc, Aluminium and Magnesium which protects durably from corrosion
  • 50 cm are burried and guarantee the non crossing of burrowing animals
  • Tightened meshes at the bottom of the fence prevent the animal to force the fence with his snout
  • Complies with EN 10223-4 standard

4R meaning

  • Robustness – High strength wire (70 to 90 kg/mm²)
  • Rigidity – Wire of large diameter
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Resistance to shocks and animal thrust


  • Bottom wires Ø 3.40 mm, Rm 70 to 90 kg/mm²
  • Horizontal wires Ø 3.00 mm, Rm 70 to 90 kg/mm²
  • Vertical wires Ø 3.00 mm, Rm 40 to 55 kg/mm²