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  • The Crapal® coating

    The Crapal® coating

Longlife technology


  • The wire lifespan is determined by the lifetime of the coating layer that protects the wire.


  • The coating is subject to damages depending on the corrosive potential of the air and on the aggressiveness of the chemicals used for treatments.
  • Pioneer in the heavily galvanised wires manufacturing, WireSolutions has invested steadily in the research of new coatings. Today, WireSolutions is well-known worldwide for the quality of its Crapal® coated wires.


  • Alloy of zinc, aluminium and magnesium.
  • Zinc gives an active and sacrificial protection while aluminium provides passive protection in covering zinc and significantly slowing down its sacrificial reaction.
  • Addition of magnesium stabilizes the whole molecular structure.


  • Durable smooth surface
  • Increased lifespan
  • Concentricity: the required protection is only guaranteed if the protective layer is constant all around the wire
  • Less zinc oxides in the soil
  • CO2 footprint over time