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  • HFE


Hooked flat end fibre

For any type of application

HFE is a combination of the HE (hooked end) and the FE (flat end) shapes. By flattening the extremities of the crimped fibres, the anchorage capacities are still improved especially for small strains. HFE can be used in any type of application.

The workability of HFE is excellent up to aspect ratios of 80 even when using high dosage rates up to 80 kg/m³. HFE shows excellent static performance and shrinkage control in fresh and in hardened concrete. As with HE, all concrete grades can be used with HFE.

  • HFE is currently available in one single size.

Product range

HFE 90/60

  • Diameter 0.90 mm
  • Length 60 mm
  • Aspect ratio L/D 67
  • Tensile strength 1100 MPa
  • Download the HFE 90/60 data sheet