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  • WireSolutions; Everyday, Everywhere, Everyone

    WireSolutions; Everyday, Everywhere, Everyone

Some key figures

R&D mission

  • Invent the steels and steel solutions of tomorrow, thus developing products that create value for customers and expand the use of ArcelorMittal's steels worldwide
  • Improve ArcelorMittal's competitiveness by developing new processes and optimising existing industrial plant to reduce costs and improve quality
  • Contribute to sustainable development by reducing environmental impact
  • Continuously upgrade ArcelorMittal's scientific knowledge and attract technical talent



  • Develop new solutions and new products : conception of new steel grades (SOLAM, FreeForm, Maflex...), design of thermal treatments to achieve desired microstructure (dilatometer, cooling tower), surface treatment and coatings development (galvanisation, galfanization, paints, lacquers, powder...)
  • Process expertise by providing technical support to the plants and customers
  • Contribute to conception and optimization of processes by using simulation tools
  • Support for instrumentation of industrial processes (Thermal camera, pyrometers, force sensors...)

Key R&D facilities

  • Finite element model Forge2011® to simulate forming and heat treatment processes
  • Product characterisation at micro and macro scale: Field Emission Gun SEM, macroprobe, torsion & fatigue machines, corrosion chambers...
  • Process pilots for machinability, drawing and heat treatment

The Gandrange R&D centre operates worldwide, working closely with ArcelorMittal steelmakers and wiredrawers (WireSolutions). Regular technical exchanges take place with the teams in Europe, South Africa, the Americas and Asia.