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  • Innovation


Superior expertise in R&D

R&D is the main instrument for delivering ArcelorMittal's ambitions in technological innovation and supporting its sustainability and future growth.

R&D mission

  • Invent the steels and steel solutions of tomorrow, thus developing products that create value for customers and expand the use of ArcelorMittal's steels worldwide
  • Improve ArcelorMittal's competitiveness by developing new processes and optimising existing industrial plant to reduce costs and improve quality
  • Contribute to sustainable development by reducing environmental impact
  • Continuously upgrade ArcelorMittal's scientific knowledge and attract technical talent

Some key figures

  • 1,300 full time researchers
  • 11 Research Centres in Europe and America
  • A budget of over US$285 million

To provide our customers with the solutions best suited to their requirements, research centres worldwide collaborate closely within Global R&D and with universities. This enables them to enhance their competences, to extend their knowledge and to have access to specialised laboratory equipment when necessary.


The Gandrange Research Centre for bars and wires

Located in France, the Gandrange Research Centre is composed of 36 engineers and technicians.


  • Develop new solutions and new products : conception of new steel grades (SOLAM, FreeForm, Maflex...), design of thermal treatments to achieve desired microstructure (dilatometer, cooling tower), surface treatment and coatings development (galvanisation, galfanization, paints, lacquers, powder...)
  • Process expertise by providing technical support to the plants and customers
  • Contribute to conception and optimization of processes by using simulation tools
  • Support for instrumentation of industrial processes (Thermal camera, pyrometers, force sensors...)

Key R&D facilities

  • Finite element model Forge2011® to simulate forming and heat treatment processes
  • Product characterisation at micro and macro scale: Field Emission Gun SEM, macroprobe, torsion & fatigue machines, corrosion chambers...
  • Process pilots for machinability, drawing and heat treatment

The Gandrange R&D centre operates worldwide, working closely with ArcelorMittal steelmakers and wiredrawers (WireSolutions). Regular technical exchanges take place with the teams in Europe, South Africa, the Americas and Asia.