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Oriented towards Excellence

WireSolutions is one of the world’s largest wire drawers. We are resolutely oriented towards the future in the search of Excellence for our customers. WireSolutions offers a diverse portfolio of low and high carbon wires, strands, wire ropes, fencing, nails, steel fibres for concrete reinforcement and corrosion resistant solutions.

  • WireSolutions is an active supplier to the Automotive industry, creating solutions for a large variety of car parts such as tyres, clutches, seats, wipers and many other applications
  • In Construction, steel fibres and 

    PSC strands are reliable solutions 

    for concrete reinforcement. A 

    full range of fencing products is 

    available for securing properties, 

    roads, railways and industrial 

  • In the Energy sector, WireSolutions is a solution provider to the oil industry for the production of flexible pipes.
  • In Agriculture, a long tradition of high-quality environmentally friendly solutions means that our brand and products are recognised as being one of the best on the market.

Our customers in our plants

Innovation is a key part of WireSolutions culture and we are constantly looking to develop new solutions in partnership with ArcelorMittal’s research centres. We were the first in the world to offer galvanised, waxed and sheathed strand for cable-stayed structures and higher tensile strands (> 2000 N/mm²).

Today, WireSolutions is recognised worldwide for the quality of its Crapal® anticorrosion product range including the latest innovative coatings CrapalOptimum® and CrapalPremium®, they are perfectly weldable and can be used for a diverse number of applications. WireSolutions also offers galvanised solutions, organic and polyester coatings according to your needs. Our wires are produced according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

Today our aim is to go further and integrate more closely and anticipate our customer needs. Bring teams together, understand how to share new added values, lead together the conquest of new markets and the development of new products, live everyday life together and achieve Excellence: this is the way of working that we want to offer our customers.