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  • NRHD 24 C

    NRHD 24 C

Lang lay

Rotating resistant hoist rope for heavy duty lifting operations

Same properties as NRHD 24 with additional advantages thanks to strand compaction:

  • Higher breaking load with same diameter
  • Excellent behaviour for multilayer coiling winches thanks to Lang lay and strands compaction
  • Very high resistance to fatigue
  • 12 outer strands over a Warrington steel core
  • Drawn galvanised wires 1960 N/mm² (bright steel available on request)
  • Optional plastic impregnation of the interface between outer strands and core improving the rope behaviour in case of heavy duty applications (load, fleet angles, repetitive lifting cycles)
  • Rope nominal diameter from 8 to 82 mm


  • We recommend NRHD 24 C for all types of high rise heavy duty applications requiring rotation resistance properties provided that the system works with a minimum of two falls
  • Tower cranes, mobile cranes, crawler cranes and high lift hoisting devices requiring rotation resistance, deck cargo cranes, boom luffing hoist
  • Excellent performance on multiple layer coiling systems along with a high resistance to bending fatigue


  NRHD 24 C specifications